St. Michaels

Hooper Strait Lighthouse at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, MD

Known as the Heart and Soul of the Chesapeake Bay, St. Michaels is a postcard-perfect, historic waterfront village with a charming historic main street that brilliantly packs in shop after shop filled with antiques and souvenirs, eclectic boutiques, romantic B & B’s and small inns as well as waterfront restaurants galore. A popular destination for weekenders by car or by boat, St. Michaels offers the perfect balance of hussle bussle and tranquility. Surrounding St. Michaels are many unique villages and within them, very private neighborhoods or informal residential communities interspersed along the many creeks and waterways of the area. Each offers variety in terms of waterfront and inland real estate options.  The smaller residential communities are usually titled after the farm they once were or the entry road name. Examples include names such as (Mack’s Lane, Thornton Road or Chance Hope Farm).  Many of driveway and road signs in the “Bay Hundred” area are unique and often whimsical. Take a road sign tour .  Some areas are more formal in terms of community amenities such as boating access, parks or postal service; some offer nothing more than a common road name or name sign post but all are certainly well known in the community and will be the reference point to which you describe where you may live. Click on a link below to search properties, view detailed information, pictures and maps for each village.

Neavitt ~ Bozman ~ Whittman ~ McDaniel ~ Claiborne ~ Sherwood ~ Newcomb ~ Royal Oak ~ Tilghman Island

St. Michaels versus Bay Hundred…What does it mean?

Bay Hundred refers to the area between Oak Creek (think Newcomb Bridge) and the tip of Tilghman Island. By the mid 1670’s Talbot County was divided into “hundreds” for administrative purposes. The term “hundred” survived from medieval England when shires were divided into segments that could each produce 100 fighting men. Today it is used as a geographic description of the area.

Just before sunrise on the day of August 10, 1813, a number of British barges had planned an attack on St. Michaels and a fort on the harbor side. The residents of tiny St. Michaels, forewarned of the attack, hoisted lanterns to the masts of ships and in the tops of the trees, tricking the British by causing the cannons to overshoot, saving the town from much harm, hence the locally famous nickname, “the town that fooled the British.”

After a decline in shipbuilding, Victorian St Michaels prospered as a mercantile, agricultural, and fishing center. Many of the homes in the Historic District reflect the building trends of this 1870’s era.

Living in St. Michaels, MD

St. Michaels is a great place to relax put your feet up!

People say living in St. Michaels is akin to places such as Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard with a gentle, southern twist. Located 10 miles from Easton, St. Michaels is a small community of roughly 4000 residents, situated on the banks of Miles River, a large tributary of the Choptank River which flows directly into the Bay. In this area, you will find there is more water than land and just about every road you turn down points to yet another unique part of the Miles River, San Domingo Creek or Eastern Bay and its tributaries. Waterfront living here offers easy access to restaurants and marinas in either St. Michaels or Oxford by boat depending on where you are but with plenty of boat launches, living on the water is not always a necessity to enjoy all that this waterfront community has to offer.



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