Dorchester County

Sunset over the marsh – Dorchester County, MD

Dorchester County lies approximately one hour south of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.�� Home to generations of local waterman and their families and brimming with Chesapeake Bay history, Dorchester County is a diamond in the rough.  Cambridge, the County seat, once housed one of the largest Phillips canning plants in the United States and is renown for its rich history and still prospering boat building companies.  Offering out of the way local seafood joints, ma and pa general stores and giving you an overall sense of comfort and relaxation, Dorchester is a must see when visiting the Eastern Shore.  Dorchester County also offers some of the most affordable, not to mention astonishingly beautiful waterfront homes and properties on the Eastern Shore.  If you are willing to drive a few more miles, don’t miss the exciting real estate opportunities awaiting in Dorchester County. 

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